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The rear light cover is often the target of common accidents. All you have to do is back up carelessly somewhere and disaster is upon the world. Fortunately, light covers are not expensive and replacing them is faster than the damage itself. In our offer you will find a rear light cover, a lamp cover and much more. We are specialists in HORPOL light covers.

         HORPOL lighting –⁠ Your reliable partner on the go
We are the main supplier of HORPOL light covers on the Czech market. The HORPOL company has been operating in the market for lighting for trucks and lorries since 1979. During that time, it has developed into a leading manufacturer of its own automotive lights, reflective devices and other components for the auto-moto segment.

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We provide significant discounts to car parts dealers, service stations and vehicle manufacturers. We will also be happy to advise you on choosing the right lighting for your lorry or truck. For more information, call us at +420 591 140 812 or write an e-mail to