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Everyone needs to blow their horn sometimes. Especially today, when there are a lot of irresponsible drivers. But the horn is primarily in cars for safety. When it doesn't work or makes an annoying sound, it needs to be replaced. Take a look at our range of proven fanfare and horns that impress with their varied range of sounds.

Fanfare and truck horns

We offer proven fanfare and horns for trucks and lorries. You always get each of the products with a quality guarantee. You can choose from two-tone and three-tone fanfares, universal horns and other accessories such as a hand and foot valve on a cable or a mounting kit for fanfare.

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We provide significant discounts to car parts dealers, service stations and vehicle manufacturers. Do you need to hear the sound of a selected fanfare or horn first? We are happy to advise you on choosing the best fanfare and horn for your lorry or truck. For more information, call us at +420 591 140 812 or write an e-mail to