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Wheel nut indicator 32''

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Mother Indicator 32'

The mother indicator is a molding made of a special plastic material with an indicator blade, which is placed on the nuts of the car wheels so that the blade always points to the center of the adjacent bolt.

The principle of operation is obvious: If the nut loosens while the car is in operation, the relative position of the edges of the adjacent indicators will change, and this change can be detected very easily and, above all, quickly and simply visually, and the defect can be removed immediately.

In addition to this main function, the mother indicator can be used - thanks to the chemical composition of the material used - to diagnose a defect in the bearings, hub or brakes of the vehicle. As is well known, with these types of defects, excessive heat is generated in the area of ​​the wheel's center bearing. The resulting thermal energy is transferred to the disc wheel, fastening screws and nuts. If the nuts are equipped with indicators, their deformation will occur at a certain temperature, which can again be easily indicated.