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WAS 2x LED additional reflector

WAS 2x LED additional reflector (Code: 28712) AVAILABLE info 213,88 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 176,76 EUR excluding VAT  ks

The WAS headlight is an extremely efficient full-size LED headlight with a uniform light flux, characterized by the highest possible number of points (50), which provide light in a reference axis of approximately 215,000 Candel.

Its body is double protected against corrosion and a plastic screen with very high resistance to scratches and damage.

The spotlight emits a very strong light with very low consumption. Energy consumption.

Road light: 12 / 24V - 2xLED - 25W
Front position light LINE 12 / 24V 2xLED - 1W

Working voltage: 12-24V

Approvals: R112, R10 and R7

Resistance: IP 66/68