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Spoiler MB Sprinter model from 2018 >

Product variants

roof spoiler only AVAILABILITY 21 DAYS info 553,32 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 457,29 EUR excluding VAT  ks
set - including side deflectors AVAILABILITY 21 DAYS info 599,86 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 495,75 EUR excluding VAT  ks

The spoiler is supplied in basic white.

Height regulation 60 - 90 cm

WURTH glue included


1.Degrease the joint between the vehicle stem and the spoiler thoroughly with thinner.
2.Apply glue to the roof of the vehicle. possibly the edge of the spoiler (Before applying the glue, it is good to pre-heat the tube in warm water, which will cause greater plasticity of the adhesive)
3.Place the spoiler on the nose of the vehicle and tighten it with the fastening belt.)
4.Adjust the height of the spoiler accordingly to the height of the superstructure and tighten the locking bolts. (Check the tightening of the screws after some time)
5.Remove excess glue and seal the joint between the roof and the spoiler.
6.Remove the fastening strap after 24 hours.