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Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB45A - 39l

Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB45A - 39l (Code: tb45a) AVAILABLE 567,28 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 468,83 EUR excluding VAT  ks

Complete specifications

The TB45A refrigerator is manufactured according to the best available technologies. Highly efficient Danfoss compressors, economy mode (ECO), turbo function (MAX) and multifunctional thermostat ensure easy and economical control of the refrigerator - control and saving of consumption.

Power supply option DC12/24V or AC 115/230V
Switching between DC and AC is automatic. Triple battery protection is standard.

Thanks to its powerful thermal insulation, it turns the fridge into a good freezer. The handles are part of the shell and the fixing assembly is also standard.


Technical parameters:

Volume: 45 l
Dimensions: depth x width x length
External dimensions: 475 x 550 x 490 mm
Voltage: 12/24V or 115/230V
Power: 55W
Temperature range: -18°C/+5°C
Weight: 19kg