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Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB31A - 30l 12/24/230V

Code: TB31A

Volume 30 liters, power supply 12/24V 110-230V, internal lighting, digital control with display, compressor BD35F SECOP

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Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB31A - 30l 12/24/230V (Code: tb31.2) AVAILABLE info 418,83 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 346,14 EUR excluding VAT  ks

Complete specifications

You can really rely on the TB31A car cooler, because it is powered by the most proven compressor on the market: SECOP BD35F. The volume of 30 liters is sufficient even for longer journeys, and the size of the refrigerator makes it very popular among professional drivers. The refrigerator can be powered worldwide with voltages of 12/24V DC and 115-230V AC (no adapter required).

The interior of the refrigerator is illuminated by an LED light, a digital thermostat with a display ensures easy operation, the temperature can be set in increments of 1°C up to -20°C (a temperature of -18°C can be reached inside even at an ambient temperature of +35°C). In order for the refrigerator to be really economical, it has insulation made with polyurethane freon-free foam. The evaporator is made of aluminum due to weight and resistance to corrosion, another advantage is excellent thermal conductivity.

1.5Pet bottles cannot be placed upright in the refrigerator, but smaller bottles can. The internal height is a maximum of 29 cm. The space inside is divided into two, the larger one, about 26 liters, is intended for cooling and freezing according to the temperature you set, and the smaller one, about 4.5 liters, where the temperature is always a few degrees higher and is suitable for more delicate foods that you do not want to freeze.

Reliability was taken into account during the development, so the TB31A does not have a fuse in the car cigarette lighter plug, but a knife-type 15A car fuse is used, located directly on the refrigerator. Knife auto fuses are very easy to buy and replace if necessary.

Of course, the refrigerator is equipped with a car battery protection system against deep discharge (three voltage levels for 12V and three levels for 24V). So you are always sure of a safe start of the vehicle!

The Indel B TB31A car refrigerator has two compressor speeds (ECO and MAX functions), MAX for faster cooling to the desired temperature, ECO for lower energy consumption and maintaining the set temperature, although even in the ECO function the refrigerator can cool the space very quickly.

Gross volume: 30 liters
Supply voltage: DC 12/24V, AC 115-230V 50/60Hz
Energy efficiency: A++ (12/24V power supply), A+ (AC power supply)
Energy consumption per day (DC supply): 0.192 kWh, 16Ah 12V (0.66Ah/h), 8Ah 24V (0.33Ah/h), at 5°C indoor and 25°C ambient temperature
Energy consumption per day (AC supply): 0.272 kWh, *at 5°C indoor and 25°C ambient temperature
DC power cable (12/24V): 150cm
AC power cord (115-230V): 200cm
Connection: DC: car cigarette lighter plug, AC: PC cable (both included in the car cooler package)
External dimensions (l/w/h): 585 / 350 / 380 mm
Internal dimensions (l/w/h): 320 / 280 / 290 + 125 / 280 / 130 mm
Internal temperature setting range: -22°C - +10°C (in reality it reaches approx. -18 to -20°C without problems at an ambient temperature of up to +35°C)
Installed power: 45W
Rated AC input current: 0.4-0.7A
Rated DC input current: 1.9/3.8A
Refrigerant: R134a (40g)
Noise level: 43dB
Insulating material: CFC free - Polyurethane foam
Certification: CE, EMC, E (homologation), GS
Weight: 15.2 kg (+ 1.5 kg cardboard packaging)

The price shown is inclusive of the statutory PHE recycling fee!

Included in the refrigerator package are 12/24V and 230V power cables, Czech user manual.