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Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB31 - 30l 12/24V

Refrigerator with freezer up to -18°C Indel B TB31 - 30l 12/24V (Code: tb31) AVAILABLE info 493,43 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 407,79 EUR excluding VAT  ks

The TB31 Indel B car cooler is powered by a SECOP DB1.4F compressor, has a total volume of 30 liters and can be powered by 12/24 V DC. It has interior lighting, car battery protection against discharge, digital control and display. The temperature is set in increments of 1°C in the range of -12°C ~ +12°C. The insulation consists of polyurethane foam. With a weight of 11.4Kg, it is the lightest portable 30l compressor car cooler on the market!

Inside, the gross volume of 30 liters does not allow the placement of 1.5-liter bottles upright (maximum height 29 cm, large bottles can be placed diagonally), but with a little modesty it can hold everything you need for your trip. The evaporator is aluminum (perfect thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low weight). The internal space is divided into two, for deep freezing (of course it is the temperature you set) approx. 26 liters and for cooling approx. 4.5 liters. The entire space is illuminated by an elegant blue light.

The Indel B TB31 refrigerator is equipped with a digital control with a display showing the temperature inside the box.

The DC cable, which does not contain a fuse in the plug, is very cleverly made, it is located separately next to the sockets on the refrigerator. In addition, the fuse is a classic 15A blade car fuse, which every driver has in their car as a spare (or you can buy it at every gas station).

Of course, there is a car battery protection system against deep discharge. So you are always sure of a safe start of the vehicle! (The ability to start is determined by the condition and age of the car battery).


Gross volume: 30 liters
Supply voltage: DC 12/24V, this source can be used for power supply from 230V - CODE:230/12-6

The listed price includes PHE! The package includes a 12/24V power cable, Czech user manual.

Compressor: SECOP BD1,4F
DC power cable (12/24V): 150cm
Connection: DC: cigarette lighter plug
External dimensions (l/w/h): 585 / 350 / 380 mm
Internal dimensions (l/w/h): 320 / 280 / 290 + 125 / 280 / 130 mm
Internal temperature setting range: -12°C - +12°C
Installed power: 45W
Rated input current approx. DC 12/24V: 3.6/1.8A
Refrigerant: R134a
Insulating material: CFC free - Polyurethane foam
Certification: CE, EMC, E (homologation),
Weight: 11.4 kg (+ 1.5 kg cardboard packaging)
Fixation set: No, can be purchased separately, see related goods below
Madla: No. It is possible to purchase them separately, see related goods below.