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Portable compressor refrigerator TB18 white - gray

Portable compressor refrigerator TB18 white - gray (Code: tb18off) AVAILABLE info 365,22 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 365,22 EUR excluding VAT  ks

The TB18 compressor car cooler uses a Danfoss Secop DB1.4F micro compressor with a low power consumption of 35W. The result is the second lightest compressor car refrigerator in the world (the first is the TB15 model) with a weight of only 8.6 kg. The new compressor is also almost half the size of the BD35F series compressors used in other types of refrigerators. The interior space is undoubtedly the best solution. After all, you can place 5 1.5-liter PET bottles standing up, or 22 0.33-liter cans (see internal dimensions). No one else offers this! The same compressor is used in the most luxurious version of the Audi A8, where Indel B supplies a car cooler built into the rear seats.

The power supply is from 12 or 24 V, the voltage is selected automatically. The interior space is illuminated by LED diodes, controlled by an electromagnetic switch, which lights up when the door is opened. The interior is traditionally divided into two spaces, the larger one for deep cooling or freezing (l/w/h: 26.5x17.5x32.5 cm, + recess for one taller bottle up to 35.5 cm), the other smaller space for storing food that is more sensitive to lower temperatures (l/w/h: 17x11.5x18 cm).

The TB18 car cooler is controlled by a membrane controller with a display. The temperature can be set in increments of 1°C in a completely unprecedented temperature range from -18°C to +18°C. Using the controller, the undervoltage protection of the car battery can also be set in three steps. Furthermore, the OFF-SET temperature display can be set for three different temperature ranges and °C or °F. More about these functions in the manual.

Thanks to its compact external dimensions and low weight, the refrigerator is destined to be placed directly on the seats in the vehicle cabin. For this purpose, it is also equipped with an attachment point from the bottom of the refrigerator, you simply fasten the car refrigerator to the seat with a seat belt. You will have chilled drinks and food within reach.

A power supply can be used for power from 230V: NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRODUCT - MUST BE RE-ORDERED

Power supply: 12/24V DC
Compressor power: 35W
Energy efficiency: A+++
Energy consumption per day*: only 0.15 kWh ~ 12.5Ah (12V) ~ 6.2Ah (24V), *internal temperature 5°C, ambient temperature 25°C
Temperature control range: -18°C~+18°C
External dimensions l/w/h mm: 565/232/420
Internal dimensions l/w/h mm: 265/175/325-345 + 170/115/180
Compressor: SECOP BD Micro BD1.4F (Secop is a company owned by Danfoss)
Refrigerant: R134a CFC FREE (freon-free)
Insulation: polyurethane foam, freon-free
Certification: CE, EMC, E (homologation)
Weight: 8.6Kg


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