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Marker light FT 015 B LED - white

Marker light FT 015 B LED - white (Code: FT 015 B) AVAILABLE info 4,27 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 4,27 EUR excluding VAT  ks

1-functional LED LIGHTING with low energy consumption
- European homologation E9
- Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC certificate
- impact resistance - PC shade
- integrated cable 2x0.75 mm²
In the standard version, the bulbs are applied to flat surfaces using black rubber.
Possibility of installation on the protective frame using the FT-015 PGC / T pad, which are not part of the standard version of the product. (must be ordered separately)

Technical Specifications:
- supply voltage: 12-36V DC
- operating temperature: - 40 ° C to + 55 ° C
- the lamp is resistant to any weather conditions
- the lamp is fully waterproof

Power consumption  //  Rated power:
12V = 0.02A // 0.25W     24V = 0.02A // 0.5W