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DRL daytime running lights, 4x LED

DRL daytime running lights, 4x LED (Code: DO STUSJ-287) AVAILABLE info 84,98 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 70,23 EUR excluding VAT  ks


Top lights for daytime running.
Dimensions (mm): width 120 x height 36 x depth 48
The set of lights is completed with a module that ensures automatic lighting when the ignition is switched on and extinguishing when the vehicle's low beams are switched on.
Homologation according to EHK/OSN no. 48 under the number E11 - 00 0006.
consumption 2 x 4.8 W
supply voltage 12 or 24 V
built-in special LED modules with electronic current control
lifespan throughout the vehicle's operation
automatic on and off
robust waterproof design
very effective white light with a temperature of 6000K (like xenons)