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Dashboard cleaner - Lemon 500ml

Dashboard cleaner - Lemon 500ml (Code: 1510136) AVAILABLE info 4,89 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 4,04 EUR excluding VAT  ks

The product is intended for cleaning and treating all parts made of plastic, leather, leather and vinyl in the interior of the vehicle.


  • Dashboards and instrument panels, door panels, armrests, etc.


  • It leaves the treated surface shiny and antistatic.
  • Brings colors to life.
  • Does not leave stains.
  • It repels water.
  • Prevents hardening of plastics.
  • Minimizes cracking of vinyl and leather caused by UV radiation.
  • Leaves a pleasant scent.

Warning: Do not apply to pedals, steering wheel and vehicle controls!