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Built-in refrigerator with a volume of 85 liters, 12/24V DC power supply, SECOP BD35F air-cooled compressor, small freezer, interior lighting.

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CRUISE 85 BUILT-IN REFRIGERATOR 12/24V, 85L (Code: cruise85) AVAILABLE info 684,18 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 565,44 EUR excluding VAT  ks

85 liter fridge with SECOP BD35F (formerly Danfoss) 12/24V air cooled compressor located at the top rear.

Thanks to the low consumption and design of the power supply system (wide range of input DC voltage), the refrigerator can be used with advantage in solar systems!

For an additional charge of CZK 2,040 including VAT, you can order a eutectic plate for the refrigerator (the plate cools down and maintains the temperature in the refrigerator during the night due to absolute noiselessness). ATTENTION: the refrigerator must be made with the plate, it cannot be added there. Enter your choice in the notes when ordering or contact us by phone.

The refrigerator has been developed with special consideration for use (boats, caravans) and is therefore able to withstand the conditions that prevail there. It must also meet high noise and energy consumption requirements. Everything is solved with the utmost care and hidden in this product. You can find Cruise refrigerators in boats and caravans all over the world.

All Cruise series refrigerators are equipped with a hermetically sealed SECOP air-cooled compressor, a freezer compartment, interior lighting and a door with a safety lock and magnetic rubber seal. The seamless inner body made of hard plastic is suitable for storing food. All corners are rounded to ensure better cleaning. This is especially important because on-board refrigerators are often not used for long periods of time.

Battery undervoltage protection is part of the power supply system.

The temperature is regulated by a mechanical rotary thermostat with a switch.

Total volume: 85 liters
External dimensions h x w x d mm: 625 / 475 / 555
Supply voltage: DC 12-24 Volt, automatic recognition
Consumption: 0.386kWh/24 (A) (approx. 1.34 Ah / h @ 12V, approx. 0.67Ah / h @ 24V)
Compressor power: 50 watts
Refrigerant: R134a CFC FREE
Certification: CE, EMC, E-Mark
Weight: 18.2 kg

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