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ADAPTER 7->13PIN - 12V - TADP 0693

Plastic adapter (reduction), allows connection of the electrical installation of the vehicle with the trailer, if they have different connectors.

Code: TADP0693

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ADAPTER 7->13PIN - 12V - TADP 0693 (Code: TADP0693) AVAILABLE info 6,99 EUR Incl. VAT INCL. 5,78 EUR excluding VAT  ks

Use for:

  • vehicle socket 7pin,
  • trailer plug 13pin (12V/DIN)

7-pin sockets and plugs are usually used on older vehicles and trailers, 13-pin on new towing equipment and trailers.

Operating voltage: 12V.
Dimensions: 8*5*5cm.
Material: plastic.

CE homologation.